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Taking the Behaviorfy Workbook concept to a whole other superior level.

Learning does not have to be boring!

This workbook has superior activities, superior graphics, and a superior aesthetic.

It contains coloring activities and pages, fill-in and matching activities, crossword puzzles, and wordsearch puzzles.

The sole purpose of this workbook is for you to enjoy yourself while you study #Reinforcement

There is a basic concepts section and a second section dedicated entirely to the Ethics code.

Number of pages: 128 (intro, content & answer keys)



If you've purchased a workbook (NOT to be confused with the Study Book)

in the past, you may see a lot of similarities. This workbook is an updated version of the last workbook, and while it does contain a lot of new features, you might encounter content you've seen before.



Handcrafted for aspiring BCBA and BCaBAs.

Superior Workbook (Physical)

Expected to ship within 2 weeks
  • We sincerely hope that you find this workbook useful, and that you respect our copyright policies, as well as the time and effort of our creator(s).

    Remember: This is handmade - no machines here! If you find any mistakes, please let us know! Your feedback is always welcome. 

  • Preorders typically ship wtihin 2 weeks, sometimes sooner. Although it is rare for a waiting period to be over 2 weeks, it can happen. We try our best to send your order out as soon as we recieve it! Remember - preordering means the item you're purchasing is not currently in stock (stock is being awaited). 


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