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My Story (The Short Version)

I have been in the field of ABA for 7 years, and within that time, I have seen our field change tremendously. So, if I am an expert at anything, is at adapting, changing, and shape-shifting. I hold a Bachelor degree in Psychology from Florida International University and a Masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Russel Sage College. Not to brag, but I graduated with a 4.0 GPA, if that even means anything anymore (?).


My experience includes working with children ages 2-18 years old, in clinic, home, school, and community settings. While majority of my clients were diagnosed with Autism, I have also had the opportunity of working with other conditions, such as Down Syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). I also currently supervise university practicum students working towards their BCBA certification through their institution. Through Behaviorfy, I have the opportunity of working with clients residing in other countries, as well as providing mentorship, tutoring, and supervision to my fellow ABA-peeps. I am also extremely passionate about mental health, and I am pursuing a second Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health at Saint Bonaventure University.

I am a firm believer in critiquing the things that I love, which are anything but perfect, and ABA is exactly that. I see the light in the darkness, but I think we’re very far from reaching the end of the tunnel. My current mission is to 1) spread awareness about the never-ending list of problems we have 2) brainstorm ideas for improvement 3) spread the message of ethical and compassionate care 4) shape the minds of future BCBA generations so together, we can fix this toxic cycle.


If you didn't already notice, I am a proud dog mom of the cutest Labrador Retriever. I am also known for having a smart mouth, and unpopular opinions. I have a zero-BS policy. It’s all love, though.

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