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What is the 40-hour RBT Course like? What makes it different?

The RBT course is now available for purchase! Imagine YouTube videos + lectures combined: That’s the experience you get. We cover everything on the 2nd edition Tasklist as well as Ethics and ethical issues. We will have tons of practice questions, scenarios, and even homework to help you make all the right connections! This isn't like a regular course, it's a cool course. 

What makes Behaviorfy's Products different? 

If being boring as a crime, I'd never go to jail. No, seriously. My goal with every single thing I create: whether it is a study guide, a workbook, or even an Instagram post, is to show that our field is so applicable and relatable! I believe in tools that are aesthetically pleasing, both to look at, but also to use. Every single material is made with a lot of time, passion, and love. Our field deserves that. You deserve that. 

But I was also broke in grad school. I couldn't afford every ridiculously priced study item. That's why I also aim to make my products accessible to everyone by giving you options, such as physical vs. printed and single-item vs. bundles. 

About our items: 

  • Study Guides: These are guides filled with graphics & visuals and examples to help you understand the concepts you need to pass your tests 

  • Guided Guides: These are similar to the study guides, but they differ because here, you are asked questions (i.e., vocabulary terms, fill in statements, open & close ended questions) to test that you are mastering the content

  • Workbooks: These are activity (i.e., coloring, crossword puzzles, matching activities) to make studying more fun and engaging! Our latest workbook, "The Ultimate Workbook" is comprised of 122 pages to keep you engaged #ReinforcingStimuli! 

  • BehaviorPlanned: These unique planners were created specifically for BCBAs (or BCaBAs) and behavior technicians. With unique content that applies specifically to those roles

WHat is "Business Hub" all about? 

Behaviorfy is E X P A N D I N G!

Our brand new Business Hub is specifically for businesses who want to get Behaviorfied!

  • Discounts on bulk orders so you can treat your staff to the best & coolest materials & study prep 

  • OBM Services: We're ready to ABA ABA. OBM services are individualized to your business' needs and services range from anything like interviewing assistance, organizational changes, and much more

What is Behaviorfy’s refund policy?

Unfortunately at this time, Behaviorfy does not offer refunds on our services or products (this includes study materials as well as apparel and subscriptions). If you encounter any problems with your order, please hit that e-mail button or slide in the DMs. 

Please read our service policy. This applies to all booking services. 

Service Policy

This service policy applies to any and all services (mentorship, supervision, parent collaboration, and tutoring).

No show: If you are unable to make it to your appointment and do not provide any notice, your appointment fee is non-refundable. If unfortunately you do not show up within 15 minutes, your appointment will be considered “no show.”

Late: If you are late to the appointment, it is not guaranteed we can make up the missed time.

Cancellation: If you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us as soon as possible, and at least 2 hours before your appointment.

We appreciate your business, trust and patience. These guidelines are in place as a measure to assure everyone receives quality service and attention, and that all parties’ time is being valued.

I’m a parent. How can Behaviorfy benefit me?

Behaviorfy’s mission is to educate everyone and anyone. Right now, we are working on creating more FREE resources for parents. We understand how overwhelming it can be to receive a diagnosis and not know where to go from there. We are here to help. Behaviorfy offers parent training (collaboration) services. Send us an e-mail to find out more! 

Also, make sure to read our blogs about ABA (to learn more) and neurodiversity. 

I'm a professional in another field, how can Behaviorfy help? 

Knowing the basics of behavioral science can benefit nearly every profession - our favorite picks are Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and Education. We love collaborating! Send us an e-mail at any time you'd like to collaborate.

I have Autism. Why should I care? 

One of Behaviorfy's biggest missions is educating and advocating for Autism. Not to change or to "fix" the Autistic person - but to educate the world about Autism. We acknowledge the issues within our field and we want to be at the front line of change making. We want to hear you, always. Nothing about you without you.

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