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BCBA Series ABA Exam Prep



A whole new way to study

Something special, for someone special

Study Guide

Complimentary digital study guide to accompany your journey.


Information is presented in a fun, interactive, light, and relatable manner.

Voice recordings for days

Voice recordings explaining the information on every tasklist point. Voice recordings could be listened to while on the go.

Knowledge checks

Questions after every tasklist point, to be completed before moving forward.


Go at your own pace. You can also choose when to start at checkout.

Mock exams 

By the time you're done with the series, you would have completed 95 #HARDAF mock exam questions. 

You get thorough voice recording #feedback for each question!

  • Based on the 5th edition BCBA tasklist

  • This course is operated independently from the bacb, and is not in any way affiliated with the bacb

  • this course is for educational and test preparation purposes only 



1 month access

Best if you kind of know your stuff, but just need a refresher before the big test

About right


3 month access 

Best if you know some stuff, but need a bit more help and have some time to study

The ross plan


6 month plan (the same amount of time Ross went without any, iykyk)

Best if you have a lot of time to study and take it easy 

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