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*Download available immediately after purchase. 

This bundle contains both, the Superior Workbook & The 6th Edition Study Book


The Ultimate Workbook contains the following: 

  • This workbook has superior activities, superior graphics, and a superior aesthetic. 
  • It contains coloring activities and pages, fill-in and matching activities, crossword puzzles, and wordsearch puzzles. 
  • The sole purpose of this workbook is for you to enjoy yourself while you study #Reinforcement  
  • There is a basic concepts section and a second section dedicated entirely to the Ethics code.
  • Number of pages: 128 (intro, content & answer keys)


The 6th Edition Study Book Contains the following: 

  1. Vision Board 

    • The power of visuals is real! Complete your vision board before you get started
  2. Tasklist Checklist
    • So you can reinforce yourself for checking things as you go
    • Come back to this portion after you're done reviewing the information on the tasklist item and check it off
  3. Weekly Study Planner
    • Because organization matters
    • Create a plan every week. I suggest taking it one week at a time
  4. Reading Book
    • Here is the bulk of the information you'll be learning
    • As you read, you will also see pages to take your "sticky" notes for stuff that just has to stick!
  5. Guided Reading
    • This portion of the study book contains open ended questions, definition questions, and fill in statements to test the knowledge you learned with the Reading portion
    • This portion is intended to be filled out AFTER you're done digesting and processing information from the Reading Book portion
    • Look out for study tips all throughout! (9 of the BEST study tips!)
  6. Brain Dump Notes
    • Here, you have a chance to take your notes!
    • This is YOUR space. Come to this portion whenever you need
  • The Study book is 380 pages

  • Material is based on the BACB's 6th Edition Tasklist (Behaviorfy's products are not affiliated with the BACB)


How to use digial products: 

  • You can print your copies and assemble your own handmake book/booklet!
  • You can use it on a device, such as an iPad or tablet and write on the documents, depending on which software you're using
  • You can read digital documents on a computer or even your phone, as you'd like 


Handcrafted for aspiring BCBA and BCaBAs.


Last updated: 4/9/2024

6th Edition Bundle (Digital)

  • The content of this study guide reflects the content of the BCBA 6th Edition Task List. However, this study guide does not have any association or affiliation to the BACB. 

    This study guide can only be used by the purchaser. Unathorized use is prohibited.

    By purchasing this study guide, you agree to this copyright statement.

    Remember: This is handmade - no machines here! If you find any mistakes, please let us know! Your feedback is always welcome. 

  • As much as I love my IG community, DMs are not a functional communication please e-mail or call/text (862) 235-0325. Love ya!


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