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The One With The Tasklist

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What is it all about?

During this course, we break down each item of the BACB's 5th edition task list for BCBAs and BCaBAs. Each section or "episode" contains written content and information (including tables, diagrams, pictures, and GIFS). Each episode also comes with an audio file summarizing all the takeaway points, followed by a short quiz to test out your understanding from that portion. At the end of each tasklist section, there will be a mini mock exam, totaling to 95 mock exam questions. This course is self-paced and you can navigate through the tasklist as you wish! We strongly recommend pairing with our "Study Book" - especially the "Guided Reading" portion, as the content goes together perfectly. The Cooper Book is ALWAYS recommended, as well as the BACB Ethics Code. Other resources are also provided throughout the program.

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