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You asked. We delivered.

Behaviorfy and Behaviorshorty have joined forces to bring you this FULL mock exam!

  • 185 questions 

  • Thorough feedback for every question 

  • Get a feel for the real test taking experience 

  • Full report of your performance, per tasklist item 

  • Choose between TIMED (take it all in one sitting, 4 hours) or UNTIMED (take your time, you may come back to test questions later)

  • You get two chances! #PreTest #PostTest

185 questions. Divided exactly how it will be on the real thing. 

Screen Shot 2023-10-15 at 10.04.32 AM.png

Behaviorfy, LLC or Behaviorshorty, LLC are not affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by the BACB. All credentials (i.e., BCBA, RBT, BCaBA) are property of the BACB.

This, and any other mock exam, is provided independently from the BACB, and is for test preparation purposes only. 

Behaviorfy, LLC and Behaviorshorty, LLC are not responsible for actual test performance and cannot guarantee a passing result.

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