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The Study Book Contains the following: 

  • Tasklist Checklist
    • So you can reinforce yourself for checking things as you go
    • Come back to this portion after you're done reviewing the information on the tasklist item and check it off
  • Weekly Study Planner
    • Because organization matters
    • Create a plan every week. I suggest taking it one week at a time
  • Reading Book
    • Here is the bulk of the information you'll be learning
    • As you read, you will also see pages to take that your "sticky" notes for stuff that just has to stick!
  • Guided Reading
    • This portion of the study book contains open ended questions, definition questions, and fill in statements to test the knowledge you learned with the Reading portion
    • This portion is intended to be filled out AFTER you're done digesting and processing information from the Reading Book portion
    • Look out for study tips all throughout! (8 of the BEST study tips!)
  • Brain Dump Notes
    • Here, you have a chance to take your notes!
    • This is YOUR space. Come to this portion whenever you need

The Study book is 315 pages

  • Material is based on the BACB's 5th Edition Tasklist (Behaviorfy's products are not affiliated with the BACB)


Printed copy only.

  • When you purchase in bulk through our business option, your order will be shipped directly from the vendor. You will receive a shipping update from Behaviorfy as soon as your order ships, approximately 5-7 days after its placed. 

Single unit price: $89.99/book

Business bulk price: $59.99/book

BusinessBULK Study Book

  • We sincerely hope that you find this workbook useful, and that you respect our copyright policies, as well as the time and effort of our creator(s).

    Remember: This is handmade - no machines here! If you find any mistakes, please let us know! Your feedback is always welcome. 


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